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By: Kapil | September 04, 2018

I am Solopreneur

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn-

I was doing exceptionally well, and my business was growing super fast, and I was pursuing angel investors in Feb 2017 for raising funds to scale-up, but all of the sudden things changed, and I needed to take a break for a medical emergency (my daughter's health deteriorated), and it took nearly a year to stabilize and recovery, and my work break lasted for 12 months (March 2017 to Feb 2018).

During those 12 months, I left my hometown (Karnal) only for a day (in July 2017) to meet a senior leader who came back to India with an objective to groom SMEs. And we had our first interaction over the LinkedIn, and from there we exchanged phone numbers and met in-person.


By: Kapil | April 26, 2018

Complaint which people make about LinkedIn that I am not getting responses to my messages. Here is a quick video for you

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By: Kapil | April 16, 2018

New Indian Financial Year, New Goals, New LinkedIn Profile Layout and SalesMOJO's new online video course for Job-Seekers.

Look at the new LinkedIn Profile Layout and meet the first four virtual characters of "LinkedIn for Job-Seekers" module.
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Click on the link ( to buy the Job-Seekers course to save more and gain more value during the pre-launch period (April 15, 2018, to June 7, 2018)

Write to Sonu at if you have any question.

By: Kapil | November 25, 2017

In case you’ve taken a five-year nap, you know that the B2B buyer is digitally savvy. Sure, this is more or less true across different industries. Ignoring the reality of the digitally engaged buyer, is risky. Let’s examine the four pillars that make up this reality.

The Modern B2B Buyer is on Social Media

During the past five years, many B2B organizations have been slow to adopt social selling practices. The proof is abundantly available that the modern B2B buyer needs a modern B2B seller. In 2017 81% of the U.S. population is active on social media. Let’s not forget that we sell to people. The B2B buyer whose behavior is heavily skewed to engaging in digital channels in general, wants to engage with sellers digitally. Any B2B orga...

By: Kapil | July 12, 2017

CreoVate Transformations & Consulting

It was a great meeting with Dr. Alok Bharadwaj (Former SVP Canon Asia Regional Strategy Centre, Singapore). We have discussed the area of synergies between his new venture CreoVate Transformations & Consulting and SalesMOJO (A Social Selling cum LinkedIn Sales Training Company). Dr. Alok has an excellent vision and road-map for CreoVate. CreoVate is planning to deliver niche services like India Entry Management, Build-Operate-Transfer, Change Management, Customer Strategist, GoToMarket Architects. If you are looking for any of this, then Dr. Alok is your go-to guy.

By: Kapil | April 18, 2017

LinkedIn Mistakes Leaders make on LinkedIn

By: Kapil | April 16, 2017

Read Receipts and Typing Indicator

New Read Receipts and Typing Indicators

By: Kapil | December 14, 2016

Free LinkedIn Account-UI

SalesMOJO will be sharing more insights and a quick video on new user interface soon.

By: Kapil | June 07, 2015

Download the SMART Goal Sales Workbook
Website* Example
Twitter Example @Tom
Mobile* Example 9XXXXX65354

By: Kapil | June 07, 2015

Download the SMART Goal Sales Workbook
Website* Example
Twitter Example @Tom
Mobile* Example 9XXXXX65354

By: Kapil | June 05, 2015

Elevator Pitch

The Problem: Ideally you should be able to describe the problem you are solving in one or two sentences

Your Solutions: A clear problem statement will help you focus your solution on solving just one problem

You should be able to describe your solution at a high level in just a few sentences.

By: Kapil | June 05, 2015

Time Management Hacks for Sales

Rank your sales Tasks

Every sales activity has value attached to it. But some tasks, while necessary, don’t have a high return on investment when compared to others.

List out all the tasks you have to do in your sales role and stack rank them according to the return you get. And then press the start button & keep calculating your score 3 times in day, during first coffee break, after lunch and after the evening coffee break to keep yourself in-check with better sales tasks.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth. Studies have clearly shown that people cannot actually do two things at once; they’re really just quickly switching between tasks. And that switching dilutes focus and slows people down because their brains have to adjust to...

By: Kapil | May 17, 2015

Anytime Business Resolution

  1. Be a better leader.   As the CEO or President, I will not let ego drive my business decisions. Instead, I will substitute business logic, research and input from others.
  2. Base my business decisions on research.   As the CEO or President, I will not make up my team’s annual sales quota or target assignments in the backroom. Instead, I will calculate their goals based on a mathematical sales capture model that also looks at market opportunity size by territory.
  3. Invest in my business.   As the CEO or President of my company, I will invest in outside sales training, marketing, and strategy advisement for my company, because I really don’t know everything and without increased revenue capture . . . we don’t need our other departments.
  4. Acce...

By: Kapil | May 16, 2015

Ideal Client

Do you know your ideal client… even when you see them? Your ideal client is much different from your typical client. How?

Your typical client NEEDS what you sell, and your ideal client WANTS what you sell. That difference is huge. 

Prospects may or may not buy what they need, but they always buy what they want. If you know how to find your ideal client, you can literally dominate your market.

What you need to know…

Prospects buy based on emotions, and wants are emotion-based. Needs are logic-based. When your product or service matches what your prospects specifically wants, you will immediately begin to attract your ideal client.

Why do you need to know this? Your ideal client makes you the most money. In fact, for most business owners… ...

By: Kapil | March 03, 2015

Sales Professional be at a front-line, mid management and sometimes at senior management look for the answers of the questions, they need know to close the deal or answers to the questions with them they can help their teams to close deals promptly.

I will be filling the 7 mind boxes given in the above image one by one to answer the most look after sales questions, starting with "What is Sales Motivation for Front-line and Mid Management Sales team?" the answer is applicable to both Inside and Field Sales team and applicable to both individual contributors and team managers.

Sales Motivation= Calling Strategies + Answers to all Sales Objections + Sales Strategies = Removal of Fear of Calling and Removal of Call Reluctance = ...

By: Kapil | February 05, 2015

Nine Common Strategic Scripting Errors That Guarantee Frustration and Lost Opportunity. Or…

How to Stop Beating Your Head Against the Wall and Start Meeting More Qualified Prospects.


9. Failure to have a strategic response to common objections.

When you hear “send some info.” “We are all set” or “call me back,” do you meekly say “OK?” Or, do you have a strategic response ready that separates the qualified prospects from the tire-kickers and can get you a meeting now rather than later?

8. You don’t communicate value.

If you continually get interrupted, shut-off or turned down, you are not communicating value. You are the issue, not the people you call.

7. You think scripts are the keyto prospecting success.


By: Kapil | January 22, 2015

New Rules of Selling

1)   Today customer does not want Jargon laden conversations; they buy from a person who uses the language which they can understand, so the Human Touch Restoration Skills is too much essential in today’s selling world. So do not sound scripted or Robotic.

2)   This is the era of storytelling, posting and publishing the relevant and genuine information and contents.   You are what you publish. Successful salespersons share blogs, worksheets, eBooks and videos. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, “You sell more when you Stop Selling”. Do not push products. Teach people something. Share your expertise. Keep Posting.

3)   Big Data is a scientific approach for better sales today. People call it Big Data and I refer it as ...

By: Kapil | December 11, 2014

Sales leaders organize their selling organization into several distinct areas, starting with the customer, to set overall strategy for customer interaction, improve and support the salesforce, and make decisions to continue to improve performance and drive growth. This sales system was created by Miller Heiman to illustrate how a world-class sales organization views the critical elements that define a high ­performance environment.

Customer: Everything starts with the customer at the heart of all strategy and actions.

Create opportunities: World-class sales organizations keep their sales funnels filled with high-quality opportunities by applying well-defined prospecting plans.

Manage opportunities: World-class sales organization...