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“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn-

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn-

I was doing exceptionally well, and my business was growing super fast, and I was pursuing angel investors in Feb 2017 for raising funds to scale-up, but all of the sudden things changed, and I needed to take a break fo...

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Complaint which people make about LinkedIn that I am not getting responses to my messages. Here is a quick video for you

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New Indian Financial Year, New Goals, New LinkedIn Profile Layout and SalesMOJO's new online video course for Job-Seekers.

Look at the new LinkedIn Profile Layout and meet the first four virtual characters of "LinkedIn for Job-Seekers" module.
#NewLinkedIn #LinkedInforJob #SocialCV #SocialRe...

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In case you’ve taken a five-year nap, you know that the B2B buyer is digitally savvy. Sure, this is more or less true across different industries. Ignoring the reality of the digitally engaged buyer, is risky. Let’s examine the four pillars that make up this reality.

The Modern B2B Buyer is on Social...

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CreoVate Transformations and Consulting

It was a great meeting with Dr. Alok Bharadwaj (Former SVP Canon Asia Regional Strategy Centre, Singapore). We have discussed the area of synergies between his new venture CreoVate Transformations & Consulting and SalesMOJO (A Social Selling cum LinkedIn Sales Training Company). Dr. Alok has...

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What is New on LinkedIn as of April 2017

New Read Receipts and Typing Indicators

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LinkedIn's New User Interface (UI)- Social Selling India

Free LinkedIn Account-UI

SalesMOJO will be sharing more insights and a quick video on new user interface soon.

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How to win more Strategic Accounts in 2016

Once upon a time, an old man named Strategic Selling lived with his 3 sons Calling, Emailing, and Social Selling in a village. All his 3 sons were hard workers. Still, none of them agreed with each other and quarrelled all the time by claiming I’m the best and you are dead/ old-schooled. The old man...

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Key Components of Elevator Pitch

The Problem:Ideally you should be able to describe the problem you are solving in one or two sentences

Your Solutions:A clear problem statement will help you focus your solution on solving just one problem

You should be able to describe your solution at a high level in just a few sentences.

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Quick Sales Hacks Part-1: Time Management

Rank your sales Tasks

Every sales activity has value attached to it. But some tasks, while necessary, don’t have a high return on investment when compared to others.

List out all the tasks you have to do in your sales role and stack rank them according to the return you get. And then press the start...

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Anytime Business Resolutions

  1. Be a better leader.   As the CEO or President, I will not let ego drive my business decisions. Instead, I will substitute business logic, research and input from others.
  2. Base my business decisions on research.   As the CEO or President, I will not make up my team’s annual sales quota or target a...
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Do You Know Your Ideal Client?

Do you know your ideal client… even when you see them? Your ideal client is much different from your typical client. How?

Your typical client NEEDS what you sell, and your ideal client WANTS what you sell. That difference is huge. 

Prospects may or may not buy what they need, but they always buy wha...

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What is Sales Motivation Mathematically?

Sales Professional be at a front-line, mid management and sometimes at senior management look for the answers of the questions, they need know to close the deal or answers to the questions with them they can help their teams to close deals promptly.

I will be filling the 7 mind boxes given in the ...

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Nine Common Strategic Scripting Errors That Guarantee Frustration and Lost Opportunity. Or…

How to Stop Beating Your Head Against the Wall and Start Meeting More Qualified Prospects.


9. Failure to have a strategic response to common objections.

When you hear “send some info.” “We a...

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New Rules of Selling

1)   Today customer does not want Jargon laden conversations; they buy from a person who uses the language which they can understand, so the Human Touch Restoration Skills is too much essential in today’s selling world. So do not sound scripted or Robotic.

2)   This is the era of storyte...

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How Sales Leaders View Their Organizations

Sales leaders organize their selling organization into several distinct areas, starting with the customer, to set overall strategy for customer interaction, improve and support the salesforce, and make decisions to continue to improve performance and drive growth. This sales system was created by ...

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