Strategic Selling in India

Farmers and Hunters are 2 well-known terminologies in strategic selling, both of them have sound awareness about what they need to do in a strategic account to get the business while using the strategic selling approach. But what they are not aware is that today buyers have become way much knowledgeable and hold more chunks of information which generate a motivation to misguide the seller. Previously strategic selling was like finding 4 types of buyers, then find an internal or external coach, who can help seller to move his/ her value proposition forward in that strategic account. Off-course that is still an essential exercise today, but now belongs to legacy strategic selling since after the evolution of internet (Google) followed-up by social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

The number of decision makers involved in such typical deals are more than 5 (5.8-MHI & 5.4-CEB), now here is how the strategic selling has been evolved, today every sales meeting with the buyer is unfolding a new decision maker and a new objective, challenging the skills of traditional strategic seller. Skills like customized sales messaging for every decision maker, skills like understanding the decision makers persona before customizing the sales messaging, skills like preparing his conversation to accommodate every decision makers objectives (emotional & rational) before entering into the discussion room with all of them, skills like finding decision maker's emotional & rational drivers.

This is where the new play field of strategic selling comes into existence. Legacy Framework plus new skills like digital listening, political alignment, persona matrix creation, conversation mastery and finding the trigger events.