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Kapil Thukral

Kapil Thukral, founded the in May 2015 with the sole objective of optimize the selling skills of inside sales professionals and key account managers by integrating modern, traditional and social selling tools.

Kapil is a member of American Association of Inside Sales Professional and have worked with market leaders like Dell, Canon, Stovekraft and Reliance Communication at different roles and capacities. He brings more than a decade experience in the field of corporate sales, account management, sales enablement and training.

Kapil prefers open door policy and you can reach out to him at

You can also connect with him on the LinkedIn by clicking here

Lalit Bhatia

Lalit, is the founder of ORBIT Techno Solutions and brings more than a decade sales experience on the table. He has worked with US, German and Indian multinational companies like Wago, Aplab and Trinity Touch and was a part of their leadership and managerial think tank.

In Addition to his own start-up, he is passionate about front line sales training and managing the North India for

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Sales Assessment
Inside Sales Kit

What is in the Inside Sales Kit?

1) Cold Calling Script Templates

    • Script template for Gatekeeper
    • Script template for Directors
    • Script template for CXO Level
    • Script template for IT Managers
    • Script template for HR Managers
    • Script template for Sales Manager

2) Cold Emailing Templates  

    • Template for Gatekeeper
    • Template for IT Managers
    • Template for HR Managers
    • Template for Sales Manager
    • Template for Directors
    • Template for CXO Level
3) List of Objections raised by the customer/ lead.

4) Modern answers to top most objections.

5) Answers to "How to find the right person?"

6) Answers to "How to pursue multiple decision makers?"

7) Best practices to find 3 times more qualified LEADS.

And Many More Answers to meet your quota... 

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