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Outbound Lead Generation is still the fastest, reliable and economically best method to generate quick volumes and valued B2B leads in ever changing buying behavior environment, but the subject always lead to a concern called "Quality of the Leads".

The debate between sales and marketing alignment is going on for quiet a time now and global think tanks has published numerous books, articles, LinkedIn pulses on the alignment of the sales and marketing, but still today this subject has been under-looked by organizational strategist within the organizations, due to which the health and quality of leads forwarded to sales department by marketing department or so called outbound lead generation team is taking a severe hit.

SalesMOJO has crafted an Outbound Lead Generation Module for healthy and quality lead generation and to utilize this module to its full potential, there has to be a strong alignment between the sales and marketing teams otherwise you will remain in the same rat race cycle, do we need to explain :)

Lead Generation Methods

Lead Generation Methods
Objection Handling Framework

Objection Handling for Lead Gen

Framework for Status QUO Objection Handling

Advanced Objection Handling Framework

Modern Objection Handling Framework

Calling Strategies and Framework

Calling Strategies and Modern Calling Framework

First Call Strategy (Call, Email, Voice Mail)

Second Call Strategy (Call, Email, Voice Mail)

Third Call Strategy(Call, Email, Voice Mail)

Strategies from Gatekeeper to CXO

Strategies from List to Lead to Qualified Lead

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

Qualify the Lead using BANT

Qualify the Lead using ANUM

Qualify the Lead using Buyer's Persona 

Lead Scorecard@ SalesMOJO

Lead Health Meter

Measure the health of your Leads with SalesMOJO's "Lead Scorecard" and "1:1 Lead Card". Both these tools are designed for better lead qualification (MQL- Marketing Qualified Leads), so that sales department will consider them as "SAL" (Sales Accepted Leads) to probe further to convert them in to "SQL" (Sales Qualified Leads)

Workbooks Exercise during the Outbound Lead Gen Workshop

1) Assertiveness Workbook Exercise

2) Active Listening Workbook Exercise

Assignments during the Outbound Lead Gen Workshop

1) Inside Sales Assessment

2) Listening Assessment

3) Communication Assessment

Become an Inside Sales SuperHero

Build a team of Inside Sales Superheros for your Inside Sales business unit. Click here to know more about inside sales training and coaching.

Lead Generation is not Easy- FunMOJO

Lead Generation is not Easy
7 Common Sales & Marketing Mistakes

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