• Fresh Cold Calling and Phone Sales Strategies and approach

Cold calling is not dead, the success ratio of a cold call is in between 50 to 60%, when made to the right person with some ground work, otherwise Cold call or Phone call failure rate is 97%, if you dial without any preparation, strategy and anticipation of common objections

What is Cold Calling

Cold calling is how you handle the objections, cope-up the rejection and motivate yourself to sell.

 Highlights of the program

  • Fresh Cold Calling Strategies
  • Call Opening
  • Live Cold Call Demo
  • Crack code for Gatekeeper
  • Call Preparation & Planning
  • Call Structuring & Scripting
  • What to say after Hello
  • Crack code for Voice Mail
  • Types of Voice Mail
  • Cold Calls, Voice mail by numbers
  • How to match-up the tone for CXO talks
  • Handling initial resistance and objections
  • Cold Emailing
  • One more Call
  • Bonus- Active Listening tips, practices and a cold calling assessment

Let's get little lighter than serious