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Unlock Your Sales Potential

Sales Productivity for New Sales Hires

Reduce the New Hires Ramp-up Time Significantly

Sales Call opening is critical and key to success, and in most of the organizations SDRs/ BDs/ Inside Sales reps are responsible for opening the calls and sometimes for the closing also.

As sometimes sales reps jump the ships too quickly that you struggle to meet your numbers and put pressure on new hires. Therefore it is very much important to FIX THE RAMP-UP TIME.

Direct and Indirect Hiring Cost of a Bad Rep

1. Recruitment Cost

2. Training Cost

3. Lost Time

4. Risk of Losing Customer

5. Salary

Manager's Challenge

1. Time Management

2. Hard to find out time to coach the Team

3. Don't know how to coach

4. Inconsistent Hiring

Key to accelerate Ramp-Up time

1. Defined Sales and Documented Processes

2. Defined Hiring

3. Training and Playbooks

4. Coaching

5. Management Commitment towards the coaching culture

6. Dedicated Sales Enablement Resource