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LinkedIn for Students

After training 1000s of professionals and Start-ups founders, SalesMOJO is happy to extend its LinkedIn Training Module for Student to help them create their social resume to find a job.

The hiring Landscape in India has been changed in last 2 years. Recruiter are using social platforms like LinkedIn to hire Freshers, as well as experienced job seekers. And as per Times of India news 57% recruiters will not hire you, if you are inactive on social (Read the article), therefore, this is very strong trigger for job seekers to get active on social and create a strong Social Resume along with their regular paper resume.

LinkedIn is the only platform which functions as a job portal for your social resume and to directly interact with recruiters.

LinkedIn have nearly one Million HRs and they might be looking for a candidate like you, so the question is are you active on LinkedIn? Do you have a professional Social Resume cum LinkedIn profile to impress the recruiters?

If not, then don't worry, simply get in touch with us for a quick LinkedIn Training at to find your dream job.

Who Should Attend

  • Graduate Students
  • Post Graduate Students
  • B-Schools Students
  • Engineering Students
  • All Freshers

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