Key Account Management Training in India

Although Key Accounts are lesser, but the revenue and business potential of these accounts is in multiple folds and scope of recurring business is huge. One needs to poses special selling and account management skills to manage such golden accounts.

And good news is, Key Account Management skills can be learned. Call Us at +91 9686522932+91 9686522932/ +91 8588800897+91 8588800897 for Key Account Management Training in India.


KAM EDGE is an exclusive program for "Key Account Managers" working in IT/ ITES sector where the deal size runs in to multiple of Lacs. Write to us to know more about the KAM EDGE.

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Highlights of the Account Management Program


  • Funnel Characteristics- Types of Funnel
  • How much are you leaving on the table?
  • Identifying & Pursing Multiple Decision maker     
  • Know your Account Position  
  • Know your negotiation position
  • Know your competitor Position 
  • Buyer's Persona Matrix to know your actual  buyers within the account
  • Create your Ideal account profile  

  • Creating a joint account plan with Customer 
  • How to become strategic vendor?
  • Overcoming the objections raised at multiple stages of Key Account Management 
  • Create your own sales filter
  • Bonus- Use of Social Insights for improvised Business Intelligence in your Targeted Account


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