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By: Kapil | March 03, 2015

Sales Professional be at a front-line, mid management and sometimes at senior management look for the answers of the questions, they need know to close the deal or answers to the questions with them they can help their teams to close deals promptly.

I will be filling the 7 mind boxes given in the above image one by one to answer the most look after sales questions, starting with "What is Sales Motivation for Front-line and Mid Management Sales team?" the answer is applicable to both Inside and Field Sales team and applicable to both individual contributors and team managers.

Sales Motivation= Calling Strategies + Answers to all Sales Objections + Sales Strategies = Removal of Fear of Calling and Removal of Call Reluctance = Sales Motivation.

  • Step-1: Prepare calling strategies across the levels (gatekeeper, tech teams, economic teams, stakeholders, CXOs)
  • Step-2: Anticipate and prepare the answers of common objections across the levels before making the call as it may be your lucky day to connect with CXOs or decision maker, so you must sound prepared.
  • Step-3: Prepare a framework by adding a call to action, to move the call to next level with fresh sales strategies (Next level may be a con call with customer's team or a meeting with stakeholders or a demo or a presentation etc.)

These 3 steps will help you to remove the fear of calling and kill your call reluctance syndrome and keep you motivated for more calls and appointments. With this motivation the calling decay rate will reduce substantially and increase your funnel size in good proportionate.

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