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By: Kapil | July 12, 2017

CreoVate Transformations & Consulting

It was a great meeting with Dr. Alok Bharadwaj (Former SVP Canon Asia Regional Strategy Centre, Singapore). We have discussed the area of synergies between his new venture CreoVate Transformations & Consulting and SalesMOJO (A Social Selling cum LinkedIn Sales Training Company). Dr. Alok has an excellent vision and road-map for CreoVate. CreoVate is planning to deliver niche services like India Entry Management, Build-Operate-Transfer, Change Management, Customer Strategist, GoToMarket Architects. If you are looking for any of this, then Dr. Alok is your go-to guy.

By: Kapil | April 18, 2017

LinkedIn Mistakes Leaders make on LinkedIn

By: Kapil | April 16, 2017

Read Receipts and Typing Indicator

New Read Receipts and Typing Indicators

By: Kapil | December 14, 2016

Free LinkedIn Account-UI

SalesMOJO will be sharing more insights and a quick video on new user interface soon.